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This page is for items with some imperfections from all categories in my store. There is also our Promo Page, which offers monthly discounts.  All flaws are described to the best of my ability. If you have any questions about an item, please contact me!

The 25% off tag holds product with small but noticeable chips, some discoloration, or other such minor flaws. They are still perfectly useable, and will work well with a set you may be using every day. The imperfections are fairly minor, and generally not very noticeable.

The 50% off tag holds product with more apparent imperfections, such as larger chips or more obvious wear. They are still useable for every day as well, but the flaws are more noticeable.

The Promo tag will take you to our monthly promotions page. Every month a different product color will be featured for a 15% savings! Check out the list so you can plan ahead and save! Items already on sale in the monthly featured color will be an additional 15% off from the mark down price!

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Save 25 %

Save 25 %

Or 50%!

Or 50%!


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